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English for Organizations

92% of global employees report that English is important for their career progression.

However, only 7% of non-native English speakers in global companies believe they can communicate effectively at work. We can help with that!

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Pinnacle Academy exists to help your organization reach new pinnacles of success.

Your organization's future is our priority. We believe that quality education should be accessible to everyone, so we provide opportunities for your employees and teams to grow in their educational journey anywhere in the world.

We understand the powerful connection between teachers and students, and how that leads to great achievement. We work to create and foster these connections by delivering quality, relational online learning experiences that are as effective as in-person classes.

English education has the power to enhance your company's success. Click here to learn how.
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Four Steps to Success

How Our Business Partnerships Work

  • Step 1
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    #1 Needs Assessment

    We do a “Needs Assessment” to learn more about your company and how raising the English proficiency would help your company to succeed.

  • Step 2
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    #2 Curriculum Creation

    We create and curate the perfect curriculum to help your staff achieve the goals you have for them.

  • Step 3
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    #3 Connect With Your Cohort

    We utilize cohorts for your employees to create team-building and learning experiences for the courses in your specific curriculum.

  • Step 4
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    #4 Enjoy the Results

    Your company will see tangible results that will help to make you a leader in your industry.


In addition to conversational English, our team of experts can teach English for specific topics:

English for Medical Personnel


English for Dentists


English for Engineers


English for Tourism + Hospitality


English for Finance


English for Entrepreneurs


English for Airlines


English for Technology

General Classes

English for Business Professionals

General Classes

Cross-Cultural Communication and Leadership

General Classes

English for Business Travel

General Classes

English for Business Communication

General Classes

  • (Presentations, Emails, Conferences, etc.)
Don't See What You're Looking For?

Our team can work with you to create a curriculum that is specific to your company’s unique needs and industry.

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Our Promise

Your Future is Our Priority.

We deliver custom English language learning content in your desired timeframe so your team can improve their English proficiency quickly and effectively.

Learn more about the power of English education.
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Our deepest desire is to help your organization
achieve its English language goals.

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Currently serving partners in China, Mongolia, Laos, Cambodia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and beyond.